Art of Manipulation – A tale of three Cryptos(BCC, TRON, and Paragon)

A tale of three Cryptos… and two theories from behavioral economics

Let us introduce two interesting theories from behavioral economics: Economic Theory of Relativity, and Arbitrary Coherence and Anchor Price

Economic concepts discussed in this post are well explained in Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational”. We highly recommend them to our readers.

Economic theory of relativity

Comparing things which are easily comparable. Selecting things based on a reference object.

“If given the following options for a honeymoon – Paris (with free breakfast), Rome (with free breakfast), and Rome (no breakfast included), most people would probably choose Rome with the free breakfast. The rationale is that it is easier to compare the two options for Rome than it is to compare Paris and Rome.”.

There exists enough studies which shows people ended up choosing “Rome with Free breakfast”, than “Paris with free breakfast”, since the former was easier to compare with a reference object “Rome (no breakfast included)”.
Good read (if feeling technical):


Arbitrary coherence and anchor price

The idea of arbitrary coherence is that while we may not know how to value something in the first place, once we are anchored to a specific value we can more easily price similar things. For example, write down last two digits of your social security number, and let that be the price that you pay for 1 shamcoin. If your SSN ends with 66, then 66$ to 1 shamcoin. After that, we ask you to bid for a shamcoin(without knowing the original value), and enough studies(googling would give you experiments with data) prove that higher your ending number, higher would be the bid. Good one, isn’t it?

A good read(if feeling technical):

Now, let’s dive into the crypto world

Disclaimer: This work is for entertainment purposes only, and the conclusion is left to interpretation of readers. We at shamcoin are not specifying that below listed cryptos are shams.

Why did we pick Paragon, BCC, and TRON?
Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing!
We picked three cryptos which are heavily marketing focused, and are run by marketing guys(non technical, sales oriented). We wanted to analyze stuff in their forte!

TRON – CEO is from Political Economy background(Focuses on advertising)
Paragon – CEO is a Model(Focuses on partnering with celebrities)
BCC – Marketing guys(Events and shows)

Theory of relativity

1 BTC () = $11971.3 | 1 BCC = $9.5773
A BTC is so expensive, and BCC is only a fraction of it. What a deal!

BCC Interest Earned

We don’t know how much TRON is worth, but 60% of TRON is more than 50% of TRON.

ParagonSpace shares some similarities to WeWork, which claims “workspace designed
for fresh ideas, organic networking, and month-to-month flexibility.” WeWork
reported $532M in revenue in 2016 with 110 locations, and claims a valuation of
$16B with 100,000 members. They have achieved this in less than 5 years.
WeWork is big, and these guys must be the next WeWork. They are 16Billion, guess how much we should be worth, peasants!

Protégé of Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba Group
Jack Ma, the man! Even though Ma didn’t endorse TRON, naming jack Ma, Justin Sun, and TRON is more than enough in a speculation driven market.

Arbitary coherence and anchor price
From Paragon Whitepaper: “The projected value is expected to be about USD $1.00 per PRG
The anchor price is now set to 1$. And, if the current price is less than a 1$(which is true), you would think you are getting a good deal. This works even if the subject knows what they are being observed(research paper shared gives good read into this, and  googling would give more experiments done in this field along with results)

Arbitrary coherence – Can it be applied to qualitative anchors?
BitConnect is an open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals who, like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.”
So, we all desire “independence”, and we are “freedom loving individuals“. Now since we have established that, let’s see how BCC gives you independence from instability.

We saved the best one for the last.

We #TRON are proud to announce the partnership with Baofeng group. Baofeng, aka Chinese @netflix
So, netflix, that’s cool! This is going to be big. “Baofeng group” is the next big thing, and TRON is with them.

Note: The motivation of this post is to instigate curiosity and focus research towards a certain path.  Please do share your feedback, findings, and queries on our subreddit post:

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