Bounty Program – Let the hunt begin!

We were waiting till the airdrops to get over before giving bounties, however, we guess the bounty hunters are not the waiting kind! 

Bounty Rules
1. Must have evidence to prove the sham!
2. All shams should be posted to our reddit group, so that things are transparent and open to everyone
3. Bounties for Post or Comments would be
    1) A minimum of 10 upvotes are required for a post or comment, to be eligible for bounty program.
    2) [#upvotes x 10,000], limited to a million bounty per post/comment + bonus of another million if #upvotes > 500.
    3) Bounties would be awarded every weekend(Sunday) for that specific week [Monday  – Sunday].


This is an experiment we are running to reward community for identifying sham and helping the overall crypto ecosystem as a whole. This is not a witch hunt! We have all the rights to change the rules, if we feel the existing ones are not useful to the community as a whole.