Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it work?

We give you 100,000 ShamCoins(might change in future) for every major(subjective, our team would decide. It could be challenged on our subreddit) info, 10,000 ShamCoins for minor ones

Where do we post information?

On our subreddit, so that everyone can see and vote. PM us if you need it be private and we will publish here anonymously.

Link to subreddit?

Why do you need another coin for this?

All the existing coins have a value independent of what we publish here. If we started awarding people in Ethers(or anything else), we  might end up giving currency regardless of how important that scam was. Now, if we have our own crypto, and let’s say we give the anonymous tipper (1000 Shams), the shams would be worth depending on how much people trust this platform(in turn, trust the currency). So it’s in our best interest to publish good reports, so that our platform has value, and in turn it’s reflected on our currency.

Why is the team annomyous?

This is a high risk business. We will not jeopardize out team’s safety because of someone retaliating due to what we published.

What’s the coin allocation?

20% for the team, and rest giveaways.

How’s the ICO done?

There’s no ICO. Coins would be awarded based on the information provided.