Hall of Sham!

Rules are simple. Post on our subreddit (/r/shamcoin), or tweet us @shamcoin, names of Coins/ICOs which you want us to analyze. Our analysis model would be a combination of crowdsourced + machine learning techniques. You get bounties for posting valid evidences! Click on the reddit post corresponding to the crypto you are interested to give details on, to begin! If you want to read up more about common techniques for fraud – /sham-detector/

Sham List of Coins, Tokens, and ICOs

NameSham StatusSham Score %
Monero Gold(XMRG)Scam100.0
AeroKing TokenScam100%
Molecule BlockchainScam100.0
RichCoin(RCH)Potential Scam93.5
Pennies(CENT)Potential Scam93.5
Copperlark(CL)Potential Scam93.5
NanoTokens(NAN)Potential Scam93.5
MasterCoin(MST)Potential Scam93.5
UScoin(USC)Potential Scam93.5
GILPotential Scam93.5
XenCoin(XNC)Potential Scam93.5
Nuggets(NUG)Potential Scam93.5
RealCoin(REC)Potential Scam93.5
Recoin(RED)Potential Scam93.5
Alphacoin(ALF)Potential Scam93.5
One Last Coin)Potential Scam93.5
ORB OrbitcoinPotential Scam93.5
Nucoin(NUC)Potential Scam93.5
Cloudcoin(CDC)Potential Scam93.5
StableCoinPotential Scam93.5
Phenixcoin(PXCPotential Scam93.5
MEMEcoin(MEMPotential Scam93.5
LuckyCoin(LKY)Potential Scam93.5
Americancoin(AMC)Potential Scam93.5
Goldcoin(GLDPotential Scam93.5
Mincoin(MNCPotential Scam93.5
Bitbar(BTBPotential Scam93.5
Argentum(ARG)Potential Scam93.5
Bee TokenPotential Scam93.5
FusionPotential Scam93.5
STONEPotential Scam93.5
Legit CoinPotential Scam91.5
SmartGenie(SMAG)Potential Scam85.5
Storiqa(STQ)Potential Scam80.0
ALMBankPotential Scam77.0
SeelePotential Scam77.0
This is the list of all coins, tokens, and ICOs, which are under analysis or have been found to be shammy! If you find data, or analysis to be incorrect, please post your concerns on the corresponding reddit post.

Note: Sham Status "Under Review" means that we are waiting on more evidence before classifying it.
Note 2: Sham Score indicates how confident we are that the crypto is a Sham!
Note 3: We are comparing all cryptos relative to Ethereum. Sham Score % indicates, given ethereum as the ground truth, what is the % that the crypto under observation is not truthful! We'll soon post a detailed analysis justifying the rationale behind this!

Disclaimer: This data displayed is generated from evidences posted by users on our subreddit (/r/shamcoin). There is a good chance that this list might be incorrect, and should not be used any investment advice or decisions.