Sham Analysis – WCX Exchange

Quite a few people have called out WCX Exchange as scam with good enough evidence. Still waiting to hear from WCX. We recommend staying out of the ICO till then.

Reddit post by user TheDodgery

The project is looking to be a giant cryptocurrency exchange and guarantees lower fees.

Super-fast engine with the possibility of 1 million Transactios per second

The business model is proven (0,1% fee on every transaction)

The team is amazing from Silicon Valley and Wall Street (no names of course)

Top notch security (more buzzwords and no proof)

Why does it need a token, why does it need an ICO if it has an exchange site ready to roll? It’s just an excuse to lure in more investments.

They keep postponing the ICO, social media doesn’t prove anything, the examples of their website, exchange, even their API are fake and copied.

Here is my favorite line from their website: “Our team comes from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM, and has decades of experience in building secure, distributed, and massive-volume systems.”

Best part of all: It has no proper whitepaper!
Some links I’ve found proving it is a scam:

Possible ICO Scam Alert – WCX Exchange

Jokes aside, this is 100% a scam in my honest opinion, please avoid this like the plague and warn other people from throwing away their money!

Link to website:

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