Sham List – Consolidated – Feb 7th 2018

This is the consolidated thread for evidences around listed cryptos(which contains initial comments, thanks to reddit user /user/amerrigan

Reddit Post :

PXC Phenixcoin: premined 1,000,000 coins
BTB Bitbar – premined by small group of coin creators
MNC Mincoin – started with no binaries and 25000% reward blocks
GLD Goldcoin – 2000% superblocks at start (3.2% instamine)
AMC Americancoin- premined with 6.5k-14k blocks giving zero reward
LKY LuckyCoin – superblocks at start, random superblocks
MEM MEMEcoin – premined, superblocks
ARG Argentum – premined
StableCoin – 1,200,000 premined
NUG Nuggets – premined
CDC Cloudcoin- 1,000,000 premined, random blocks
CENT Pennies – hidden launch
SYC Skycoin – premined
CL Copperlark – massively premined
NAN NanoTokens – premined
MST MasterCoin – premined
USC UScoin – premined
GIL – premined
RCH RichCoin – premined
XNC XenCoin – premined
REC RealCoin – premined
RED Recoin – 1,000,000 premined
ALF Alphacoin – premined
One Last Coin – premined
ORB Orbitcoin – 66% premined
NUC Nucoin – premined

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