ShamCoin Token

Total Tokens : 2,000,000,000 Shams

Token Allocation

Distribution (Airdrop Stage II): Earn 10,000 shamcoins by tweeting your ERC20 wallet address and favorite scam coin to @shamcoin This is valid till Feb 28, 2018!

ShamTokens are ERC20 tokens

contract address : 0x200f96afa416d6ad606e5f3953f287a7282b8551

Previous Airdrop
Distribution (Airdrop Stage I): Shamcoins can only be earned by giving information, tips, or feedback. We will not be conducting an ICO to sell shamcoins. We though have an airdrop going on until Jan 31st 2018. After that shamcoins can only be earned by giving information.
We are giving away 100,000 tokens, per redditor, for giving us feedback and suggestions here: