Website similarity of various cryptos

Finding similar websites across various cryptocurrencies. This is a model training phase, and soon we will cover all other cryptos as well as ICOs.

This is part of our model building exercise to detect similar coins and ICOs, and also continuation of our post ( which detects similar whitepapers across different coins. Technical details are available on the mentioned post. Seems like ICON and DBC shares something in common across various cryptos, and vertcoin seems to be the most unique website 🙂

Open image with better resolution:×1010.png

In this post, we have covered the below listed cryptos (as test), and would soon expand it to cover all cryptos and ICOs

Covered cryptos: 0x, DeepBrainChild, enigma, funfair, icon, modum, poet, qash, qtum, ripple, salt, stellar, storm, substratun, tron, vechain, vertcoin, zcash

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