Whitepaper analysis of upcoming ICOs relative to existing coins

We have extended our model to analyze whitepapers of upcoming ICOs and compared them to existing cryptos. Now the results are interesting, and a good number of them have copied a lot of content from other whitepapers. The heat matrix below shows the technical details, we’ll leave to you to infer now 🙂 . Technical details behind the model is mentioned in our previous post http://shamcoin.com/similarity-of-crypto-whitepapers/ , if anyone is interested.

Darker the blue, more unique the whitepaper is relatively, and more the red, higher the similarity. [blue -> red, not similar -> similar]

Higher resolution image is available here http://shamcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ICOsExistingCoins.png

It’s easy to find patterns from the matrix, and as next steps we would be adding more signals to make relative comparisons even more interesting.  Do leave us your feedback on our subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/shamcoin/


Whitepapers analyzed: 0x, almbank, betex, bloomtoken, canya, Covesting, CrowdCoinage, DentaCoin, DEUSPAPER, Diamond, enigma, FairCoin, Glasscoin, havven, ICON, latoken, let.bet, Medicalchain, mothership, Nitro, populous, qtum, request, storj, STORM, thrive, transcodium, xtrabytes, Zen

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